My philosophy regarding wedding photography is simple: I believe that the wedding ritual is a sacred event for two lovers, and that the photography must reflect absolute reverence for the betrothed. As such, I exercise the purest photojournalistic ethic possible, and I do not stage situations to produce the posed imagery that is popular amongst wedding photographers today. Rather, I capture the true essence of your wedding day as it unfolds of its’ own volition; I tell YOUR story, not the story that I think should be told or that I want to tell. This results in images of true spontaneity and authenticity. I eschew the stylized and digitally-manipulated imagery that is now trendy, in favor of honest, organic and stunning images that capture the heart and soul of your sacred wedding day. This also assures that your precious photos remain timeless and do not become “dated” when the current trends in wedding photography fade. And while authentic story telling is at the core of my photography, I also capture all those beautiful details and portraits that together comprise the totality of your wedding day with imagery that is not only elegant and classic, but also modern and "edgy." 

It is always a great honor for me when I am chosen to be the documentarian of weddings and other events, and I always remain unobtrusive and respectful, acting with dignity as I capture the myriad emotions and magical moments that weave the narrative of your beautiful love story or special occasion. As an incurable romantic myself, I bring my own deep sensitivity to bear upon my photography, and I am often so moved by the emotions of the day that I too end up in tears and laughter alike. I hope I may have the honor of sharing your special day with you and your loved ones.